Monday 21 March 2011

A risky Tony Marsh character joins Barclays Wealth

I'm taking a bit of a gamble with this one, this Tony Marsh, because I have no idea who anyone thinks he is. Picture the scene, earlier. I was stuck for something to write about. The day's financial news was boring me to tears. I was getting desperate. Then (after at least twenty minutes of intense anguish, seriously) I discovered that someone by the name of Tony Marsh had left Full Circle Asset Management to join Barclays Wealth as a wealth adviser. Naturally, I was intrigued. Also, a little scared. What if this Tony Marsh doll/puppet/whatever turned out to be a psychopath? I had my reputation to consider. Still do, in fact.

Well, I've committed myself now. Let's make the most of it. You have to learn to trust people. Otherwise, what's the point in breathing? You may as well dig your grave, if that's your attitude, this: having no faith in the human race. And as for the day's financial news boring me to tears, that's not exactly a rare event for any of us, is it? Are we dead souls? Are we really like those poor creatures who spend their deaths in newsrooms, dreaming of life? No, we are not! There is blood in your veins. There is blood in mine. There is air in our lungs. There is a thought or two in our heads. We are lucky. We are alive. Smile, for me. Do it. Smile, for the Lord. Make it patently clear that you appreciate the gift of life. God is watching. And so am I.

Enough of that. I'm not turning into a religious nut. There is money to be made, after all. And I don't want to anger the desert gods. Or the astral ghosts. (There is a danger they could come back and ruin my new style.) Money is our religion, eh? That's where all the love is. I'm sure Tony Marsh - if he could speak - would agree with me. This thing oversees and offers wealth planning advice to high net worth individuals. We have to believe that. If Barclays Wealth says it's true, are we going to argue? No.

Let's trust Barclays Wealth. And let's believe in Tony Marsh.