Friday, 18 March 2011

It's because Gilbert Saiz is a former Goldman Sachs specimen that he does so well

Gilbert Saiz is the big man at Vector Commodity Management, and he is Gil Saiz to friends, of which he has many. I want to be his friend. I get so lonely. Especially now all the voices have gone. I shouldn't have written 'specimen'. That won't win his heart. 'Fuel oil trader' would have been better. It would have been much better. You live and learn, don't you?

Anyway, Gil is on a roll at the moment. His hedge fund returned 8.2 per cent last month. That's six times the industry average. The man's a godlike genius. I sincerely believe that. So, whom should we thank? Should we thank God, for letting him walk amongst us? Or should we thank all those wise souls at Goldman Sachs, for taking a boy and making a man? Oh, Goldman, Goldman, Goldman! It's got to be Goldman. My title makes it clear. Didn't you read it? It's because Gilbert Saiz is a former Goldman Sachs FUEL OIL TRADER that he does so well. I only wish he was my friend. Then I wouldn't feel so wretched.

Of course, it's hard to trust people. There are so many filthy degenerates around. They let you down. They lie to you. And they flatter. These people can't even spell the word 'honour'. But I can spell it. Judge for yourself.

I must walk out of the blood and the guts into freedom. I want to leave all pain behind. I'm taking Gil with me. He's going to be my friend, whether he likes it or not. I don't care about his feelings. Half of these people don't even have feelings. They are God's robots. Goldman took a robot and trained it up, but God created the robot. Can anyone doubt it? Who's going to tell me I'm wrong? No one. No one wants to challenge me. Everyone's worried I'll turn nasty. Well, I'm going to be more forceful, that's for sure. 'They' say you can't make people love you. 'They' are wrong. 'They' are going to love me too. I'll find them. I cannot be stopped. There is no end to my desire. I want everything I see. And I want the Invisible! [The biggest prize.] If it exists, I'm sure it will change me. I'm stretching my mind, my soul, for it. God is just a word. Universal consciousness? It could be anything. But I know it's there.

One more thing: if love is impossible, there is always money. That is this world for you. Can you understand why I want to get away?