Thursday, 26 May 2016

Albion Ventures sells Haemostatix to Ergomed

Er ... I don't even know where to start, to be honest with you. 'What is this nonsense, boss?' It's the Thursday night PR email, back by popular demand. 'It's a joke, right?' I don't think so, Voice. I think they're serious. (Albion Ventures again!)

Ergomed is acquiring 100 per cent of the issued share capital of Haemostatix for an initial consideration of £8.0 million, with contingent consideration of a further £20.0 million. Ergomed is acquiring Haemostatix from a group of UK-based VC investors including Albion Ventures, Catapult Ventures, Esperante, as well as Nesta and the Wellcome Trust. Nottingham based Haemostatix is developing first-in-class topical clotting agents. Haemostatix is a spin-out of the University of Leicester. The technology is based on a novel class of molecule that binds directly to fibrinogen to promote haemostasis and is targeted at the global surgical bleeding market, worth more than $2 billion. 

I have absolutely no idea what this is all about! 'They're playing you for a fool, Mikey.' No, I'm afraid they're serious, man. It must mean something to someone.

The two lead products developed by the Haemostatix team are PeproStat (Phase IIb ready), a blood-free, ready-to-use topical liquid haemostat which is applied to wounds to control bleeding during surgery, and ReadyFlow (pre-clinical), a blood-free, ready to use, transparent and flowable haemostatic gel packaged in a pre-filled syringe.

No, that's enough. I give up. It goes without saying that ... 'You wish them all the best?' Yeah, I suppose. I don't know.


It's the weekend! 'Yippee!' A long one, too. 'Yippee!' Laters.

Sunday afternoon music update: [The last music update, too, because I'm sick of writing about it.] / As I feared, the lyric of my new song doesn't suit the music, so I have to start again now with another lyric. Never mind! It's just something that happens, you know? Another setback. So what?! It's not the end of the world.

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