Monday, 9 May 2016

Stanley Druckenmiller believes in gold!

Gold, gold, gold! 'Not baked beans, boss?' Well ... maybe baked beans, too, Voice ... but mainly gold, I should think. Mr Druckenmiller is rich enough to afford gold. It's poor(literally) sods like me who get lumbered with all the baked beans. 'What happened to all those baked beans you had, the last time you got scared?' Oh, I put them in a cupboard in the backroom downstairs. Then the crisis passed. 'I see.' Yeah, I had to eat baked beans on toast for a month. And I threw the rest away because they were out of date. 'Okay. What is this all about, boss?' Well ... there was an investment conference in New York last week, or the other week, for hedge fund managers, Sohn something, and, er ... well, everyone was filled with gloom. 'Everyone?!' Everyone, man. It seems there is no hope. And our Stanley was telling anyone who would listen to dump stocks and get into gold. 'Jesus!'

The strange thing is, a lot of people have a downer on gold. 'Ha! And who are these people? I'll tell you, Mikey. They're the slags who want to control everyone else in the world. If you've got gold, you can hide it in a hole in your garden and no one can touch you, you're safe. But if you've got stocks or money in the bank or whatever, you can be got at. That's why they hate gold, the bastards! Rant over. Are you digging me on this, boss?' Oh, baby, I dig you. Don't worry about a thing.

Not that I care, of course ... because it's pretty obvious I'm going to get lumbered with all the baked beans again. 'Ha! A trip to Tesco, then?' Yeah, Voice, it looks like it.


Anything else? Music? I ain't writing about music no more. I got the blues so bad. 'Are you depressed, Mikey?' No, man. I'm perfectly happy playing the blues. I've even got a pedal now, the Boss Blues Driver, but I ain't talking about it. I'm so deep in the music. I just want to be left alone, you dig?