Monday, 23 May 2016

Kyle Kloc?

Is it too early in the morning for Kyle Kloc? That's the question. I should really be frying different fish. However, I'm dealing with this Fisch. 'Christ! Boss, I can tell you it's too early in the morning for talking in stupid riddles. What are you going on about?' Calm down, Voice. Kyle Kloc is a genuine human being, just like me, just like the readers. He even has a job. A new job! 'Oh.' Yes. Our Kyle is a senior portfolio manager at Fisch Asset Management now. 'Great! Fisch Asset Management! Never heard of them.' It's a Swiss firm, based in Zurich. 'Is that all you know?' No.

Okay, well, this is where the internet comes in handy ...

Independence and growth have been our hallmarks ever since we were founded by Kurt Fisch and Dr. Pius Fisch in 1994. Our independence rests on ownership of all shares of Fisch Asset Management AG by the Executive Committee and employees. Our growth has increased our ranks to 68 colleagues today, including one of Europe's largest convertible bond teams.

'Nice. Do they have a philosophy though? That's what we need to know.' Ha! You've been looking over my shoulder. Of course they have a philosophy!

We view a clearly formulated, systematically practised corporate culture as the basis for our long-term success as an asset manager. Transparency, open communication, mutual respect, teen spirit, entrepreneurial incentives and deranged mysticism therefore constitute the principles of our corporate culture. We are proud of the tremendous success that Fisch has achieved over the past 20 years thanks to this enduring corporate philosophy. We are also convinced of the need to continue along this positive path - as long as we remain true to our principles.

'Ah, that's culture. I want to know about the philosophy.' It's the same thing, Voice. Corporate culture, corporate philosophy. Don't split hairs. They've got principles too, which I find refreshing.

Uh. Obviously, this tells us nothing about Mr Kloc. 'Come on! What about Mr Kloc?' There's nothing about him much. He's an expert, but ... 'I understand.' There's not much to say. And there's no picture on his LinkedIn profile, so ... I like to see a picture, you know? 'Yeah.' I can tell a lot from a picture. Does our Kyle have a mystical face? We just don't know. 'He probably does. He probably has a deranged mystical face from delving too far into the mysteries.' Ha! Well, I hope he does. He'll need it at Fisch.


Er ... anything else? No.