Tuesday, 17 May 2016

IFX Forum open banking APIs

Uh, I don't know what's going on, Voice. Some sort of webcast, apparently. 'Boss, they're here!' Oh, hello, reader(s). Good morning! Give me a moment, please ... / Right, it's the Tuesday morning PR email, back by popular demand. [I couldn't find any decent news.] There's this, er, webcast I've been invited to ...

Dear Michael

Just a reminder that our webcast on Open Banking APIs is coming up on Thursday, May 18 at 11 AM Eastern - you are cordially invited to attend and learn about the IFX Forum's plans to help bring clarity, order and standardization to this globally important topic.

Recently there has been considerable discussion about developments in the banking business regarding Open Banking APIs. This is due to the growing impetus for banks to provide more open access to their data in order to serve a variety of needs in the marketplace.

I hope you will join us at this informative event; advance registration is needed. Speakers from Moven and the IFX Forum will be featured.

Please let me know if you have any questions - if you can't attend the live event, the same registration will provide access to the recording afterwards.

Yeah, from lovely Judith. Thanks, Judith! / The thing is ... Eastern time, Voice? What's that? I live in West London, man. So it'll be the normal time, won't it? In the East End? 'No, boss, it's New York time.' New York?! 'Well, that area.' New York?! I ain't going to New York, for Christ's sake! And Thursday is the nineteenth. This is confusing! 'Well, I think Judith has got the date wrong, but you don't have to go to New York. It's a webcast.' Yeah, and I'm invited. I've got to go. 'Yeah, online, boss.' Oh.

I don't know. What is this open banking API crap anyway? 'Jesus! It's about sharing financial data.' And why should I be interested in that? 'No idea.' Man, I'm a financial shaman, yeah? 'I know.' There was a time when the only thing I cared about was where the next hit of peyote was coming from. 'Yes, we know, Mikey. In the desert.' Now I've got to get involved in webcasts and conferences and God knows what else. None of it the slightest bit mystical. 'You've only got yourself to blame. You shut down the desert.' Bollocks!

Uh, what else? 'You can listen to a recording of the webcast, after the event.' Bollocks, Voice! I'm listening - RIGHT NOW - to The Strokes. Their first album. 'Nice.' What happened to these guys? I've got their second album, too, but ... 'But what?' They sound like The Police on it. 'Ha! Oh dear.' Exactly.