Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mark Wiseman is joining BlackRock!

Oh, but not for ages yet. Not until September. I think he wants some time to himself first, then he'll be all refreshed and shit for his new role. 'Maybe he can't leave CPP until September, boss?' What do you know about it, Voice?! 'Nothing.' Exactly! 'What do you know about it?' Er ... I have my instincts, man. And my instincts are telling me that our Mark is a wise man. He won't want to rush into work at BlackRock. 'Ha! Of course, in the real world, if you leave a job as a supermarket assistant or a toilet attendant or something, you're expected to start in your new role immediately. You can't have months off to please yourself, to go travelling, or ... I don't know, spend the whole time meditating, yeah? It's disgusting!' Eh? What the fuck are you talking about, Voice?! Mark Wiseman ain't no toilet attendant! He is - or was - the president and chief executive of the CPP Investment Board, the Canadian pension plan thing. 'I'm just saying, that's all.' Well don't! Keep your big mouth shut if you can't be sensible.

Christ! Anyway, uh ... what's he going to be doing at BlackRock, you want to know, dear reader(s)? Well, Mark is going to be the head of BlackRock's global active equity business, and chairman of the BlackRock global investment committee, too. 'Nice.' So, er ... not exactly a toilet attendant, do you know what I mean? 'I didn't say he -' Shut up, Voice! You got it wrong. You made a mistake. Admit it like a man. 'I'm not a man though.' Well, what are you, exactly? 'That's for me to know and for you to find out.' Ha! No thanks, if you don't mind.

Jesus H. ... ! / Anything else? Not much. I'll be taking Mr Wiseman for a spin later, No. 417. Music? Oh, I'm listening to Prince's Lovesexy for the first time.

My music? I'm still rehearsing my new song. Hopefully, I'll record it this weekend, then put it on the other blog. That'll be the end of my demo - for now. Obviously, I'll continue to write songs. I need a lot more, man.