Thursday, 19 May 2016

Simon King has got a new job at T. Rowe Price!

This is good news. Very good news. Guess what the job is, Voice. 'I don't know, boss. I give up. Tell me.' Simon is going to be the head of T. Rowe Price's client relationship management. 'Oh.' He was doing the same thing at Woodford Investment Management. (Actually, his LinkedIn profile says he is still at the firm. Maybe he is, maybe he is. I don't know. What do I know?) But this is a great job to have. Well done, Simon, mate! 'What's the big deal, boss? Why is this job so great?' Think about it, man. Client relationship, yeah? You just go to restaurants, nightclubs, pubs ... and all the time! 'You mean he'll be entertaining clients?' Yes, Voice. It's basically the best job in the world. And I presume T. Rowe Price will be giving our Simon a MASSIVE(!) expense account. 'Ha! He's going to be living the life of Riley!' Yes. Definitely.

Well, well ... eh?

Anything - 'Oh, boss ... that Dodd-Frank thing from yesterday.' What about it? 'Dodd and Frank are two people.' Shut up! I'm not having that! 'I'm serious, man.' Shut it! Doddy Frank is a dear friend of mine now. 'Since when?' Since last night. 'Ha! I understand. He's a thought-form. Jesus! Your conceptual stuff is dangerous.' Don't be silly.


Anything else? I ain't really in the mood for finance. I'm sure Simon King will be successful at T. Rowe Price, but let's move on, yeah? I've finished my song! And it's a real breakthrough moment. (I've got to rehearse it now, and then record it.) I was thinking this morning, my first "new" song from FIVE(!!!) years ago was a piece of crap called Gilly Marie. (I wrote other songs when I was younger - as you know. Over twenty-five years ago ... boy!) But I must have had the potential then to do better, so why didn't I? 'You couldn't.' No, man, Tony Robbins says people don't know what they're capable of. I mean, they underestimate their abilities, most of the time. 'Christ! Not Tony Robbins again! They could be overestimating their abilities.' Hey! Tony is the man, man! I won't hear a word said against him. I've been watching one particular video of his nearly every day for the last few weeks. 'Oh, so he wrote your song.' No, I wrote it. Oh, you don't understand! You'll never understand.

Dear reader(s), the Voice doesn't understand. However, I suggest you check Tony Robbins out if you're not already familiar with him.

What else? Er ... I'll be writing a PR email post tonight. Laters.