Sunday, 1 May 2016

Anything going on?

No. It's Sunday, ain't it? And it's a bank holiday Monday tomorrow, so ... I'm just going to write some shit, thoughts and that, you know?

I'm actually watching the Purple Rain film at the moment. / There's a twenty-minute live version of the title song on YouTube from 1985 which is pretty good. YouTube has loads of "new" Prince material, such as songs that have escaped The Vault. Prince didn't want this happening while he was alive, but surely he wouldn't begrudge his fans now - ? I don't know. Who knows?

By the way, there's a good forum for Prince fans, / Oh, about Prince and his guitar (I was saying the other day ...): he may have been quite skilled around the time that Dez Dickerson played the solo on Little Red Corvette. However, he definitely got better over the years. Someone on the forum said that he was better than Hendrix by the end - although, of course, Hendrix invented most of the stuff that guitarists do today, so was more innovative. [This someone also made the point that there are thousands of unknown guitarists in the world today who are technically better than Prince and Hendrix. Oh, it's true. It's a mug's game. That's why I'm reasonably happy with my skills at the moment. I may be slightly better than Noel Gallagher and Kurt Cobain. Give me ... two more years to get to the Prince level. Writing songs is more important.]

I've also read that Prince used music in his teenage years to escape the horrible reality of his real life, or just real life in general, you dig? That makes sense to me. You can't throw yourself into making your own reality 24/7 ... unless you're trying to block things out. ANXIETY. Yeah, it all makes sense.

[Finance? This is a music blog. Come back Tuesday for finance - if it means so much to you. Jesus! Take a day off, man!]

Politics? Ha! We're not discussing politics. [Artists are the true lords of the world, not politicians. Politicians are small people interested in small matters. And people who are interested in politicians are even smaller, so ... GET BIG! You dig?]

Snooker? No! Ronnie O'Sullivan is out of the world championship ... / Who's in the final? No idea!

Where's the Voice? Er ... astral plane, probably. Chilling out, with his folks, or friends. Even disembodied voices need a bit of a rest every now and then.


Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow ... ? No. Just tomorrow, man. Monday. (Let's not get ahead of ourselves.) I'll have a go at that lyric I need.

Laters, and laters, and laters ...