Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Does anyone know who Gary Dale is?

Well, don't worry, reader(s). I think I have a rough idea. My personal view is that Gary is an intermediary sales type at Investec. 'Oh, he was, boss.' Yes, I know, Voice. He's going to Old Mutual Wealth now. Is it my fault that our Gary hasn't updated his LinkedIn profile? 'No. / In all the excitement our Gary must have forgot to do it.' Ha! Yes, but let's forget ... please, let us forget about Gary Dale. 'Oh.' I don't actually need to know who Gary Dale is. It's Scott Goodsir I'm interested in. 'Who on earth is Scott Goodsir?!' Exactly!

I suppose our Scott imagines he is Gary's new master at Old Mutual Wealth. 'Christ!' I suppose that's the sort of trip he is on. 'It will all end in tears.' Of course it will! But Scott is happy now. Scott is looking forward now. He truly believes that he is a good sir. Ha!

Why is there so much misery in the world? Things need to change. We can't go on like this! 'You have the passion to change things, Mikey!' Maybe. / I don't know. I just wish I could fly away. Into the sky, and beyond!

[One more thing about Gary Dale. I like the picture of him on LinkedIn. He has a nice, cheerful face, you know? His hair is a bit like Beaker's from the Muppets, but that's not a serious problem.]


Anything else? Jeremy Corbyn? 'Jez we ... will!' Our Jeremy is in the news again. 'Ha! When is he ever out of it?' This time for refusing to sing the national anthem. And the slaves are upset. 'Oh dear.' Nothing will upset slaves more than disrespect for the slave master. 'That can't be right, surely, boss? Don't the slaves want to be free?' Free, Voice? Then what? What will they do with the burden of freedom? Dostoyevsky knew, man. Erich Fromm knew. 'What?! What did they know, man?' They knew that people want security, not freedom. 'Idiots!' Even if it means having a boot stamping on their face forever.