Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Cedarview Equity Opportunities fund - ?

You know what they say at Cedarview Capital Management, don't you, dear reader(s)? They say: Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. 'Ha!' What's the problem, Voice? 'Boss, most successful people hate themselves, hate what they do, hate the whole world, and just want to lose themselves in drink and drugs.' Yeah, right. A bit negative, ain't it? 'It's the truth, man!' Whatever.

Someone got out of the wrong side of the astral plane this morning, I think. Never mind. Let's move on. Cedarview Capital Management?

Cedarview Capital Management, LP is a registered investment advisor established in August 2004 as an alternative, slightly kooky asset management firm, investing within the bank debt, high yield, distressed securities and equity markets. Our mission is to achieve consistent, double digit returns with limited risk to our investors. Cedarview also runs a managed account platform that was established in December 2008 focused on long only accounts in the high yield bond and loan space.

Well, well ... it seems okay. Over in New York. / So, what's the Cedarview Equity Opportunities fund? Er ... I don't have a quote, dear reader(s), but I can tell you that it's going to be a long/short equity fund. It hasn't been launched yet. It will be launched pretty soon. 'Any day now, eh?' They will launch it, Voice. 'Ha!' I don't know what your problem is, son.


Anything else? 'Music?' All right, music. Guitar! 'Thank God!' I might make another Improv thing for YouTube soon because my lead playing has improved a lot in the last month since the last one. 'Great!' And that's not just down to practice. 'No?' It's mostly down to increased knowledge of scales, the fretboard, and music theory, you dig? Guys like Page* and Hendrix* (on the astral plane?) rely on their ear. Posters on the internet forums though say that they're sloppy live and often play out of key. The reason? Well, your ear is always going to let you down. 'Oh no.' However, knowledge will never let you down BECAUSE(!) ... you either know something or you don't, man. Sermon over.

*[Clapton is God, anyway.]