Monday, 14 September 2015

Jordan Matusow is joining Monomoy Capital Partners

Jez we can! 'Yippee!' Oh, congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn! / I think it might have been a mistake though, going straight to the pub after winning to sing that Red Flag song. I mean, it's like something Wolfie Smith would do. 'Foxy.' Eh? 'It's Foxy Smith, boss.' It's Wolfie Smith, you idiot! / Music? I’m listening to John Lennon's Power to the People on repeat. 'Great!' A million workers workin' for nothing, you'd better give them what they really own ...

Anyway, finance ... sadly. Yes, finance. / Jordan Matusow is joining Monomoy Capital Partners. He might even be there already. Who knows? 'Who cares, boss?!' Oh, don't be like that, Voice. 'But it's Monday morning. Let's talk some more about The Great Corbyn.' Later. / Yes, Jordan used to be at Nomura. He knows a lot about distressed debt, which will come in handy because ... that's what Monomoy has hired him for. [Christ! This song is doing my head in! I'll put Working Class Hero on ...] Monomoy Capital Partners? -

With over $1 billion in committed capital, Monomoy Capital Partners is a private investment firm dedicated to constructive investing and business improvement in the lower middle market. We invest in companies with $100 to $600 million in annual revenues. We provide solutions in the most difficult business transactions. We create value for our investors and our businesses by giving managers of any company the financial, strategic, operational and shamanic resources they need to succeed.

And they love what they do! A great bunch of lads! (Maybe a few girls, too.)


That's enough!

Anything else? 'Jez we did! Jez we did! Jez we did!' Jeremy Corbyn? One of the most impressive things about Mr Corbyn is that he has always claimed the least expenses in Parliament (or been near the bottom of the list). 'Really?' Yes. Even years ago when the corruption was hidden from public view. 'Wow! An honest man ... in Parliament, of all places! Bizarre!' Stranger things have happened in the Thames, Voice. / Oliver Cromwell would certainly approve. 'Yes, he would have had, er, had, Mikey.' Well, I'll be seeing him Friday, down by the river, in the pub. His ghost, that is.