Thursday, 24 September 2015

Peter Toogood to be true - ?

Do you know of Peter Toogood at all, dear reader(s)? He's the investment director at City Financial ...

We're independent. We're not owned by a bank. We're not owned by an insurance company. We've deliberately designed a nimble company to bring to advisers and investors a straightforward series of funds managed by individuals who we believe are masters of reality.

'Oh dear.' What, Voice? 'They seem a bit defensive.' I know! Who said they weren't independent? Who said they were owned by a bank or insurance company? 'Crazy!' They should chill out a bit. 'They're taking this finance stuff too seriously, boss.' Of course they are. They should realize that nobody cares.

But back to Peter Toogood. Is our Pete too good to be true? Well, this is what he told Fundweb recently: "In the old days you had EVERYTHING to play with. I remember going through the astral desert and just thinking: 'I can't believe how beautiful everything is'. You were chasing rainbows and the ghosts of dead financiers, and you were being touched by the trunk of Ganesh. And those experiences gave so much colour to our funds back on earth, you dig? I actually knew what asset managers were doing EVERYWHERE. I saw with astral eyes! And they were so different in how they ran money, with flowers in their hair. Space and time just didn't matter! And the way they thought about investing was so cosmic." Interesting, eh? I don't have the link, reader(s), but it's on the Fundweb site somewhere.

I'll give you my verdict after lunch. 'No. 352, Mikey?' You bet your ass No. 352, man! It's the new way, the conceptual way. We don't need no astral desert now.


Anything else? Music? I'm feeling a bit better about my guitar "skills" ... such as they are. I was reading yesterday that John Lennon had to do over a hundred takes of Working Class Hero, and even then two takes had to be edited together to get the final version. / Also, I've been thinking that most professional musicians these days record vocals and guitar (and other instruments) separately. I can't do that at home with my laptop and Audacity software, but maybe I should consider going to a proper studio - ? It might be too expensive though. I'd better stick with the laptop for the time being.