Thursday, 3 September 2015

Glen Point Capital?

Neil Phillips, remember him? The guy who left BlueBay? Well, he hasn't launched his hedge fund yet, man, but it's coming. It's definitely coming. Yeah, next year sometime. Early next year. So, be patient, dear reader(s)! / It ain't easy launching a new hedge fund, you know. (Uh, very much like music ...) It's going to be called Glen Point Capital, as the title of this post suggests. (Actually, it does a lot more than suggest, don't it?!) Er ... Jonathan Fayman is involved. (Ha! I'm afraid I've never heard of him.) He's ex-BlueBay as well. It's going to be all macro stuff, this new fund. Shit! Never mind. We shouldn't judge them. I'm just happy that our Neil has pulled his finger out and at least made an effort to get things moving, you dig?

Anyway, good luck, Neil! (And, er ... you too, Jonathan, I suppose. Who are you?)


Anything else? No. Well ... / I didn't go to the pub last Friday. (I had one of my migraines.) I might tomorrow. Summer is dead now though, ain't it?

Music? I'll be changing my strings on Sunday, and I'll have another go at recording my songs. Yes. The triumph of hope over experience.

Later(s), crocodile(s).