Monday, 28 September 2015

Miguel Fidalgo? Triarii Capital Management?

Only a little bit of finance today, dear reader(s). 'Oh no!' (Frankly, I've got different fish to fry. I mean, write about.) So, let's get it over with, quickly.

This "Miguel Fidalgo" character was a managing director at Baupost Group. Now, he's got the idea in his head that he wouldn't mind running his own hedge fund. 'These people will never change, boss.' So, er ... Triarii Capital. That's what it's called. Something to do with Roman soldiers. 'Roman soldiers?!' I don't know, Voice. They live in a world of their own, these hedgies. / The fund will be launched next year, and in Boston - of all places. Our Miguel hopes he will start trading with $300 million. 'Ha! If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.' He might do it, man. Give him a chance!


Well, well ... / Anything else? Oh, big time. You bet your ass something else, dear reader(s)!!! Music? Dreams? 'Eh? Dreams?!' Listen. I wrote a cool piece of music yesterday for a new ballad. It could give me my fourth "great" song (with the right lyrics). But the interesting thing is, the main melody of the song actually came to me in a dream the night before. 'Wow!' Yeah. I woke up, sang it into my laptop, and then went back to sleep. And in the morning it only took me five minutes to find the right chords for it - which fit perfectly, by the way (key of C). I changed the melody, slightly, for the chorus. Then I spent a couple of hours playing it on my guitar and thinking about the structure. By lunchtime I had the final version, and maybe even a title, Don't Say. (From the "dummy" lyric. I might change it.) / So ... dreaming a song, eh?! And a great song! What's not to like? 'It's as if someone gave you a winning lottery ticket, boss.' Yeah, in a fucking dream, man!

However, the least said about the dream the better ... 'Why? Oh go on, Mikey. Tell us!' It was mental, Voice. Utterly mental. I think the dream had a message though. 'Really?' Yes. / You see, I dreamt I was in a room full of Nazi memorabilia. It was everywhere! All over the walls and shelves. You know, swastikas and daggers and that. 'Christ!' But also demon masks or heads or something. 'Lovely! [Er, nurse!]' Yeah. Anyway, this massive figure wearing a cloak started to walk towards me. 'What?!' And I had a gun in my hand, so ... I started shooting at it, the figure. 'As you do. / Unbelievable! / What about the music?' The music was playing while all this was going on. 'Ha!' I woke up thinking: What the fuck?! 'Yes, I can imagine! / And what about the message?' Well, I think the message is, er ... that I (all of us, actually) must fight evil and negativity. I mean, not give in to that shit, you dig? 'Okay.' It was a message from God, as far as I'm concerned. And the great melody was His gift to me - maybe to stop me forgetting the dream.


Well, well ... / I'm hungry. What's for lunch?