Thursday, 10 September 2015

Edward Eisler has got his Eisler Capital thing going on!

Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Everyone thought it was all over. I mean, after last year's debacle. 'What, boss?' Voice, you know Eddie Eisler, yeah? 'Er ... no.' Sure you do! He's the ex-Goldman partner who was mixed up in all that DMC Partners craziness. 'Ha! The private equity firm that never actually launched any funds. Yes, I remember.' / But do YOU(!) ... remember, dear reader(s)? -

Which is fine, I reckon. Totally fine. We can't have everyone launching funds, can we? I mean, there's a three-legged cat* in my street, and he hasn't launched a fund. (Imagine if he did!) / Obviously, it's a disappointment for the guys involved - Edward Eisler, Sam Wisnia and Chris Barter (all ex-Goldman), and Philippe Costeletos and the legendary Ken Costa. / Personally, I think they're well out of it. The rumour is, they're not even active at the moment, you know, in finance. Perfect! Nothing wrong with that at all.

Well, that's all in the past, man. Our Eddie is living in the future now BECAUSE(!) Eisler Capital will launch, er ... next year, sometime. Macro stuff. 'Next year?' Yes. 'Why not this year?' Mr Eisler isn't ready yet, son. 'I see.' Oh, don't be like that, Voice! 'I wonder what the readers are thinking ...'

Christ! Have a little faith, everyone! It will all work out. This Eddie character ain't an amateur.

*By the way, an amusing story about that cat. I saw it fighting a fox in the street the other morning/night, around three or four. I'm gutted I didn't film it. I could have put the clip on YouTube. It would have gone viral!


Anything else? Not a lot. I'll be taking John Chatfield-Roberts for a spin after lunch, No. 348. 'You mean John Chatfeild-Roberts, boss.' No, I mean John Chatfield-Roberts, the new improved version. 'Really?' Watch this space, man! / Or that space, over there ...

Music? 'Music!' I'm listening to John Lennon's John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. A great album, and the best by an ex-Beatle. It's just a shame that Lennon didn't continue with this sort of uncommercial but very accomplished music. He didn't need any more money or fame in the Seventies. He could have added a whole other dimension to his legend. Maybe he thought he was legendary enough. [However, look at Picasso (1900-1945): at least forty-five years at the top of his game! 'Picasso wasn't a singer, Mikey.' Shut it, you slag!]

Lunch! 'This early?' / Laters ...