Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The UK is just like a dead pig

And I thought Caligula was a sick bastard. / Were you surprised or shocked by the news yesterday, dear reader(s)? I can't say I was. It's to be expected. They're all at it! Except Jeremy Corbyn, of course. The worst thing he has ever done is refuse to sing some absurd song or ... not wear a tie. Hardly the last days of Rome ...

However, it's the country I'm worried about, not the corpses of farm animals. Great Britain is the real dead pig. I've told you more than once that the economy isn't improving, and I still believe it. The media is lying to us. And I don't care about no statistics, you dig? I got eyes, man! I can see what's happening.

Oh, let me tell you ... social breakdown, massive debt that keeps growing, food banks, "welfare" suicides, the super-rich speeding away from the rest of us in their keyed Aston Martins ... / I got a bad, bad feeling this won't end well.

It all comes from the government. And the government comes from a selfish or brainwashed population. I can't decide which. (It's probably a combination of the two.) / I suppose it's happening all over the Western world. I mean, fifty million Americans are on food stamps. And what's the American national debt now? Ha! Tell me a collapse ain't coming, man!

For intelligent people there are only two possibilities. Either we run away, find caves to live in ... or we get really wild, let it all hang out. The problems can't be fixed. The end is coming. So let's party, yeah? Come on!

Gimme me all your loving, all your dead pigs, too! I'll take everything. I don't care no more BECAUSE(!) ... I am a free man in hell!!! Blood and fire, the naked bodies, alive and dead, who can tell? Red eyes that have seen it all!

And the rain will come.