Monday, 21 September 2015

Top entrepreneurs are threatening to leave the UK if the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister

They are unwilling to adapt to the spirit of our revolution. We don't want them! We don't need them! - Fidel Castro

Well, well ... / So? So what?! Who cares?! Let them leave! / The UK is a massive market. Are entrepreneurs really saying they don't want to be a part of it? 'It's just something this sort always say, boss. I'm sure most of them will stay.' Ha!

Oh, it's crazy, man! Jeremy Corbyn has only been leader one week and ALREADY(!) ... everyone is shitting their pants, or pissing them. It's five years until the next election. Chill out, everyone! Anything could happen. / I thought entrepreneurs and business types were supposed to be tough? Like, er ... Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood. / 'But you're going to Malibu, ain't ya, Mikey?' When I'm a songwriter, Voice? Maybe. But not to escape taxes. 'No?' No, of course not. I want the glamorous lifestyle, like, er ... Dudley Moore in "10". 'He lived in Beverly Hills.' Well, his songwriting partner had a house on the beach in Malibu, man. 'Oh.' Although I might consider Beverly Hills. 'Okay.' I really haven't decided yet, Voice.

[At the rate I'm going, I'm more likely to end up like Nick Nolte in Down and Out in Beverly Hills. 'That tramp? Christ!' He was good on the piano.]


Anything else? No. NOTHING ELSE!!! I'm still thinking about the entrepreneurs. Those bastards! / Business isn't everything. Money isn't everything. One billion years from now, will there even being any businesses? You've got to think BIG(!), dear reader(s). Last night, I was wondering what was happening all a-ROUND the cosmos, you dig? Every single part of it. I was eating my dinner and thinking: Somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away, an alien is eating his dinner at this very moment. / And I hope he's not a prick, you know? I mean, I hope he's got a bit more going on in his life than "business" and "money". / Rant over.

Lunch? I haven't been to the shop yet. I don't know what I'm having. 'It's either going to be a cheese or an egg sandwich, reader(s).' Yeah. Cheese or egg, man. Are YOU(!) happy now?!