Monday, 29 September 2008

Colin Keogh leaving Close Brothers

Yeah. Sad times. The chief executive of Close Brothers, Colin Keogh, will probably leave within six months. He has been under pressure from shareholders to find a new strategy for the company.

A new strategy? Are these shareholder freaks out of their friggin' minds? What was wrong with the old strategy? Colin was the one who brought in all the financial shamans and money mystics. He was actually trying to change the bank, and prepare for a glorious future. The credit crunch is not his fault. And he is not to blame for all the takeover talks that came to nothing. The takeover talks failed because the gods were not consulted. And that was because certain squares at Close Brothers didn't even believe in the existence of the gods. How can anyone do business in such an environment?

Colin, mate, you're well out of it. Thank your lucky stars.