Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Warren Buffett to the rescue!

Warren Buffett has just put $5 billion of his loose change into Goldman Sachs. This sends out a powerful message to everyone. IF WARREN BUFFETT SAYS GOLDMAN IS OKAY, THEN IT IS OKAY. Great. I am so pleased.

I have been speaking to Warren about this deal. He told me, 'Michael, I have become a big fan of your blog over the last few months. It makes me feel better about life. I feel a part of something. Can you have a look at my chakras? I'm sure my aura shouldn't be this colour. Can you do anything about it? And about those ghosts -’

Unfortunately, Warren didn't want to talk about the deal. He said his main concern right now was the state of his soul. Well, it's a sign of the times. I put him in touch with Keith Busby.