Wednesday, 17 September 2008

David Viniar says ...

I have been speaking to David Viniar. For those of you who don't know nothing about nothing, David is the chief financial officer at Goldman Sachs. I can't say we're close friends, but we are on nodding terms. I've noticed he's been popping up on the astral plane a bit lately.

Anyway, David says: 'I would just like to thank Michael Fowke, Arthur Simmons, Keith Busby, Big Herb, Ganesh, and the ghosts of the dead financiers for supporting Goldman in this difficult time. Sure, we reported a 70 per cent drop in our earnings yesterday, but we are still standing. If Michael and the lads hadn't had been behind us this last few days, God knows what would have happened. We may have found ourselves in a Lehman or Merrill situation. But that won't happen now. Goldman is a strong bank. We employ the best shamans. We are the most mystical bank in the world. The future is bright.'

Thank you for that, David.

We need optimists like David. We've got to believe that the future is bright. Let the future burn in our dreams!