Monday, 1 September 2008

Pall Mall Investment Management: Chris Brils to the rescue!

Chris Brils has joined Pall Mall Investment Management, as the new head of mystical operations.

Arthur Simmons explains: 'Yeah, Chris was one of my students, a very able shaman, and now he will be sorting out all the problems at Pall Mall. Apparently, the last head of mystical operations was a total prat. Basically, a charlatan. He had absolutely no training in financial shamanism. As a result, everyone at Pall Mall had terrible chakras. I'm talking a total mess. Chris will sort this out, and the firm will be able to start making money again. He's a good lad.'

By the way, some newspaper this morning says that Chris is the new head of European high yield. Yeah, sure. Don't believe a word of it. It's just a cover.