Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Credit Suisse Asset Management is buying a little bit of York Capital Management for $425 million

Just a little bit. For $425 million. A minority stake. Jamie Dinan, chief executive of the hedge fund, will remain in charge. Credit Suisse won't interfere. There will be more money to come later, as long as everyone at York Capital Management does the right thing. Credit Suisse is still trying to get to grips with the desert. It doesn't want to be embarrassed. Jamie can go too far sometimes, when he's out of it. He's a good man though. I'm sure everything will work out fine.


I'm finding it hard to concentrate on this story, to tell you the truth. It's not that I'm bored exactly [I'll probably write three posts today; oh, I love these square brackets, they're totally hip], it's just that I want to play my guitar. I will have to wait until tonight, I suppose. Once my fingers have got used to it again, I'm going to write some new songs. I wrote my last song in 1993. Such a long time ago! Songwriting. There's no harm in it. It won't interfere with my blogging or my financial shamanism. I might even make some money this time. I could have had a publishing deal when I was twenty, but I refused to let other people sing my songs. I was young and foolish. My singing voice has always been terrible. It was a missed opportunity. But I'm not going to get all depressed now. 'He not busy being born is busy dying.' You've got to look to the future! Not just me, dear reader, but you as well. We shouldn't dwell in the past. That won't do us any good. We all have regrets, don't we? I know you do, dear reader. I don't care how rich or successful you are, I know you have regrets about a few things in your life.

Songwriting. Yes, that has got to be the way forward. No arty-farty stuff neither. Proper commercial songs this time. I was listening to Sugar, Sugar on the radio the other day. It's a classic pop tune. That's the sort of thing I need. Then I'll make some decent money for once. Then I'll get a professional design for this blog; and I may even move it away from - although I have no complaints. Then I'll advertise on billboards at the entrance of Liverpool Street Station. That'll bring some readers in! Of course, my enemies won't like it, but fuck 'em. I'm not alive for those slags. One way or another I will make this blog one of the biggest in the world, and I will see it recognized as a revolutionary work of literature. I don't care how long it takes, and I don't care what I have to do. And the reason I'm telling you all this, dear reader? Well, I want to get some leverage on myself. Anthony Robbins says it is good to tell people about your plans. That way you'll stick to them because there will be massive pain attached to any failure. And we all want to avoid massive pain, don't we?

We will either find a way, or make one - Hannibal