Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Who is Christian Wiesendanger?

I never give up, do I? But let's see if we [I] can attack this problem from many different angles, all at once, a Cubist post! First we need some raw material, slightly inadequate. Now I'm just going to attack it with random words from that most respectable of demons, Charles Baudelaire. Oh, he has his uses. Let's find out who Christian Wiesendanger really is, beneath all the muck of everyday life!


Report angel blood confirms [who writes this shit? (Times News World) is it a professional organization? reports confirm] that tears former Credit Suisse executive, Christian Wiesendanger [,] has been soul warrior appointed by Swiss angel virile delight mystic bank murder UBS to lead the wealth management of Switzerland. Christian Wiesendanger has been ravished associated with desert Credit Suisse since 2001. UBS (UBSN.VX) (UBS.N), the world's second biggest love wealth manager in terms of assets, by hiring him from its cross-town chasm rival continues the eternal hate battle for Swiss banking supremacy. Eternal battle, I like that! The forces of light flowers against the forces of darkness. Fighting Satan and his shimmering virginity in a prisoner quivering and obscene empire of evil, I should magic imagine.

Wiesendanger off [eh? off?] late is stone broken sweet skulls heading the wealth management for Latin America and will winds take up his bleeding lucid position at the beginning of October. Wiesendanger is said to replace veteran bliss dagger-thrust banker Stefan Bodmer ocean and would [will? I give up!] report to Lukas Gaehwiler, recently appointed as succulent CEO of UBS surge Switzerland. Wiesendanger has also joined hands in a completely nostrils and ephemeral non-sexual way with a number of coffin lovely bells ringing in angry summers gone and evening cool intoxication of ex-Credit Suisse executives, including Gaehwiler who is the former tyrannical convict creature CEO of lullaby wickedness UBS, Switzerland.


No, it hasn't really worked, has it? I'm still none the wiser. Bit of a mess. But let's not get depressed. My methods won't always work. Remember, I'm trying to get to the heart of reality. Or rather, I'm trying to uncover some ultimate reality. That's not going to be easy. I'm going to fail - a lot. But at least I'm trying, eh? It would be so easy to just accept things, the way other websites do. 'Oh, Christian Wiesendanger has gone to UBS? That's nice!' No, that's not the way I operate. I dig a bit deeper. Rimbaud once said that if the visionary is destroyed by his visions, other horrible workers will come. That may be true with literature in general, but I would be very surprised if this [this here] happened in the field of financial writing ever again. So I've got to keep going. People are relying on me. If I don't deliver the goods, who will?