Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dick Fuld says regulators used flawed information to put Lehman Brothers out of business

Well, not out of business. Dick Fuld says the flawed information was used to deny aid to Lehman Brothers. But it's the same thing. I was just being a bit more dramatic than Mr Fuld. No harm done.

Well, not used. That doesn't sound right either. Regulators relied on the flawed information. Yes, relied. Oh, dear reader, you may as well pop over to *********, if it's accurate language you want.

But if it's blood and fire you want, then don't go anywhere. Stay here, with me. I will cover you in blood [my blood] and I will burn you with fire [my fire, who else's?]

Let's forget about Dick Fuld. He's old news. He belongs to the past. We, however, belong to the future, don't we, children? [If you're not a mystic child, continue reading, you may learn something. Or you may become so alarmed that - [nothing]]. O dear reader, you may have noticed that I'm using the square brackets [] a lot now. I think they are stronger than the (), don't you? I'm still going to use the (), but I feel I need the [] to really show that a bit of prose is cut off from the main prose. Separated. God is spirit, a lot of spirit. We are spirit, a little bit in a cage. We are separated from God. Get the idea? Good. [] - you, dear reader. [] - me!

But where is God? Who knows? Let's forget about God as well.

Think about the blood, the fire.

[I give you my blood. I give you my fire. The blood covers you. The fire burns you. What more do you want? You are insatiable! I give you my soul. Take it. Eat it. I am in a cage. You are in a cage. We cannot touch each other. That is why I give you blood and fire, and soul. If my blood is on you, we are one. If my fire is on you, we are one. If my soul is in you, we are one. This is the way. It is so simple. We can share the money. This is the way. We can celebrate together. We can suffer together. We can share the laughter and the tears. How do you feel? Do you feel enlightened? Confused? Upset? Exhilarated? So many emotions, and so much time! We will get through them all, have no fear. Or have some. Have a bit of fear. Treat yourself. You only live forever in many incarnations, after all.]

Taste the blood.

[Lick your skin. The skin on your arm will do. That is my blood in your mouth. If it tastes as good as money, well, I am money. We are money. Cut yourself. Taste your own blood. It is just the same as mine because we are the same. You are not lonely. I am not lonely. Not today. Not after this experience. We are so close. Such good friends. I know you have always wanted a friend like me. This is a dream come true. Admit it.]

Look! The fire!

[Watch it spread. All over. How good does it feel? I am the fire. That is me on your skin. Where is your fire? Give me your fire! If you have none, be patient, and I will be patient as well. It is early days yet. We have forever. I can wait for your fire.]