Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Simon Dingemans is leaving Goldman Sachs to join GlaxoSmithKline as chief financial officer

Simon Dingemans is leaving the greatest bank in the world to join a drug company. Does this make any sense at all? Maybe. Chief financial officer. Not a bad position. A lot of people will say he's done well for himself.

I wonder if GlaxoSmithKline is moving into the desert. Plenty of peyote in the desert. Is that why the firm needs Mr Dingemans? We all know that Goldman employs more financial shamans than any other bank.

Simon Dingemans says -

Come on come on come on, why haven't I shaken the world? Teeth on my fist, blood on my fingers. I enjoy the pain. Come on! I am a sha sha shaman. I have worked with sha shaking sha shamans. I know their ways. Their ways are my ways, my high ways in the red sky. I am a sha shaman sha man. Hallucinogenic cactus sha! This is it. Bitten by a sha rattlesnake! Thunder stars like money, silver coins. Drum sha drums in my head man! Burnings across the desert, yearnings sha man. Chanting and sha shaking sha dancing on man the earth! Then sha man on the moon, once we had flown off. You, you, you were there, shaman. I was, I was there, there, there, I was, I am, I did did not not come back, back. Loo loo look! It doesn't move, the sky eye. It stays where it is. We move. We go, and we return. I have not returned, not not yet. I will, I want sha drums banging blood fuck. They want me at Glaxo Glaxo Smith O Kline O O O o o o. Want me! They can have me! They can take it, taste me! And I will take them, take to them sha man man man into the fire! Wandering in astral nights, we will go go gone timeless madly fearless. Once I've returned. I live on the moo moon moon. I work on the moon moon moo moo moon. Goldman Sachs does not not sha mind. No mind, no mattersssss. A very understanding employer er er errrsss. I hope Glaxo will understand man sha for it. I hope Glaxo will appreciate everythings I will be will will willing and able to do for it. Because I am aware, awake, slipping like a snake, a snake, struggling with no skin ski skin sin skin flesh of fire burning below beneath under deeper dar dar darker dar, cracking real real sha sha sham sham shaman shamanic vision man! It needs this! This this is is sha shaman sand blood trick trickles eyes in mouth tasty love, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss! Storm of sha blood, sha man fire, tears aflame man, aching for it, now! Here! Animals! Take it! This is ... come on! Come on come on come on, man man sha sha sha man.

Interesting. Mr Dingemans obviously realizes that GlaxoSmithKline wants him for more than his understanding of finance and all his years of experience. So Glaxo must be going after the peyote. I'm not sure I approve, really. I'll have to think about this. I don't have anything against Simon, but I can (and will) block his appointment to the position of CFO if I have to - if I decide it's necessary, I mean.