Thursday, 3 January 2008

Albourne Partners: hedge fund code must be tougher

Dear reader, you may know that the Hedge Fund Working Group is trying to come up with a code of conduct for hedge funds. Well, Albourne Partners is not happy. It says the code needs to be tougher than the guidelines that were suggested last year.

Very interesting. I'm concerned about all the financial shamans and money mystics who are working in hedge funds at the moment. As you can imagine, mystical people do not like rules and regulations - unless these rules have been laid down by a respected figure like Big Herb. I wonder if we could get him involved. That would allay the fears of a lot of shamans and mystics, although I have no idea how Albourne Partners and the Hedge Fund Working Group would feel about it. Big Herb would have to conduct this business either through David Pitt or myself. But what if Albourne Partners demanded a meeting with Big Herb? That could be a serious problem, considering the fact that Big Herb lives in the world of spirit. We could hold a séance, I suppose. Oh God, this is going to be really complicated. Dear reader, I'll let you know if something happens with this. Don't hold your breath though.