Tuesday, 29 January 2008

O Wall Street

O Wall Street, the time has come, the time is now - you must embrace mystical capitalism! You can put it off no longer! The time is now!

O you investment bankers, you sons and daughters of the Gekko, have no fear, Jack Pickles will not harm you. Trust in Big Herb. Wall Street must become a living thing - look at Canary Wharf over the great sea! Watch how it shimmers in the mystic haze of money! See the gods, the ghosts, the shamans and mystics. O Wall Street, you must come alive and live in the wild dreams of capitalists and the dark fears of socialists. Ah, the credit crunch! The horror! Show no fear! Be strong!

Join Vikram Pandit in the church of his love! See the money fly! Is this a dream, a vision, the ravings of a hermit Buddha Christ God in love with the cash that burns in his eyes like a flame from the angel's mouth? What angel? What am I saying? Where am I? Am I lost in the whirling cosmos like a banker child in flames? What is that sound? Is it a cash register, or is it the voice of God? Oh, I don't feel well.

O Wall Street, see what you've done! The strain! The horror! A noble mind overthrown! I was only trying to help. I wanted you to be like Canary Wharf. When will you embrace mystical capitalism? I'm telling you the time is now! NOW! You must come into the light, the light, the beautiful light, where money wafts around like a little dove.