Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Barclays Capital: congratulations!

Barclays Capital has an advert today (somewhere) congratulating all its new managing directors. There is only one problem. There is not a financial shaman or money mystic among them. Not one. Look at Jotty Dhillon - doesn't he look a touch shamanic? Er, afraid not. He's no shaman. What about Daniel Hodge? Surely, at some point in his life, he has danced and chanted beneath the moon in a desolate landscape. No, sorry. He has absolutely no training in financial shamanism. I was hoping Barclays Capital would be a bit more adventurous than this. What a fool I am!

Well, anyway, congratulations are in order. So, congratulations to: Luca Agostini, Rogerio Alexandre, Takemi Ando, Luisa Arellano-Brakman, Ian Axe (he's got potential), Andres Baltar, Neil Barclay (Barclay?), John Bates, Uwe Becker, Morten Bentsen, Michael Bork, Troy Bowler, Brad Boyse, Peter Bulbrook, Inseok Cha, Paul Ciampa, Nicolas Cohen-Addad, Jonathan David, Jotty Dhillon (a lot of potential), Michael Drexler, Stefan Fischer, Igor Gonta, Jose Gonzalez (you're in Mexico, man, come on!), Paul Goodson, Rob Graham, James Groves, Martin Gueldenberg, Declan Hanlon (never been anywhere near a desert), Daniel Hodge (no), Jonathan Hosgood (I'd be very surprised), Louise Hourigan (one of Susan's mates, may have potential, not really sure), Peter Hu, Guillaume Jacqueau (very poetic, probably best of the bunch), Christian Janssen, Brendan Jarvis, Robert Jones, Philippos Kassimatis, Andrew Kaufmann, Edmund Kearns, Jaideep Khanna (Ganesh will have something to say about this), Rhys Kiff, Jean-Marc Lejeune, Alceu Lima, Siobhan Loftus, Francois-Xavier Louvet (not a bad name, potential), Chris Marks, David Matthews, James McKellar, Christopher McReynolds (old-school capitalist, never a shaman), Jacques Mosseri-Marlio, Hideki Nagai, Gyan Newman, Rakesh Nigam, Robert Nowicki, Simon Ollerenshaw, Brian Olson, Nyagaka Ongeri (you never know), David Ornstein (I very much doubt it), Hiroyasu Oshima, Alexander Pack, Richard Palmer (out of the question), Andrew Payne (can't imagine it), Greg Power (good name, strong face, potential), Peter Romain, Richard Routledge (give me a break), Jeff Rowbottom (no), Sity-Leo Samudera (like the surname), Andrew Selby, Jonathan Shiff, David Simpson, Timothy Stack, Carlos Swiderski, Keith Taylor (I wouldn't have thought so), Matthew Vogel, Chris Walter (absolutely not), John-James Webb, Henry Weitzner, Grant Willis (no), Thomas Paul Wootton (no), David Zwick.

Congratulations! You're simply the best. Better than all the rest.