Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Early meetings on Wall Street

Yesterday there were plenty of early meetings in Wall Street investment banks and other financial businesses - everyone scared shitless and waiting for the coming storm.

All except for Benny Monroe. Benny is a very good friend of mine from the days of Shaman Money Management, and he told me late last night, 'Everyone on Wall Street was panicking, but not me. As you know, I'm one of the top shamans on Wall Street, and I do things differently. I got into my office at six, did a bit of yoga, chilled myself out, prayed to Big Herb, and then I balanced a crystal on my head. Some of the squares at my bank gave me a few funny looks, but I don't care because I get results. And my bosses know I get results. About that crystal - it is very, very important to balance a crystal on your head for at least ten minutes before the start of a potentially stressful day. This is not to be confused with crystal mind blasting. A lot of immature bankers are indulging in the mind blasting craze, but I won't touch it. Anyway, I had a very good day and actually made a bit of money, believe it or not. Crystals, I swear by them.'