Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Back from the desert

Hi, everyone! I'm back! I had a great time in the desert. It was wonderful being cut off from civilization because I was able to meditate like I haven't been able to in a long while. I really got into myself and had some amazing realizations and visions. I realized that God put me on this planet for a reason. The fire of money is burning inside me more intensely than ever now, and it will never ever go out. Also, I had some great chats with Big Herb. Back home, I quite often have trouble contacting Big Herb in the spirit world - mainly because of his status as the money god and all the channels I have to go through. But in the desert, boy, does it improve things! It's like comparing a broadband internet connection to the old dial-up shit. Herb came through crystal clear, and I was able to bypass all the bureaucrats as well. Absolutely amazing!

Did I see Jack Pickles out there? Er, I'm not sure. I always had this strange feeling that I was being watched or that someone was following me, but I don't know if it was Jack or not. I remember one night I had a camp fire going and I was chanting beneath the moon, and I thought I saw the shadow of a human figure on the ground. I quickly turned around but no one was there. Maybe I was so out of it that it was an hallucination or something. If it was Jack, why hasn't he got the balls to confront me directly? These dark lords are all the same. They act hard, but they always bottle it in the end. Remember how I sorted out the Fenchurch Street mob? Wankers!