Monday, 28 January 2008

Bill Watkins: we're all going to die!

Bill Watkins - the chief executive of Seagate Technology - likes to tell his employees that they are going to die soon. Apparently, it motivates them. He also believes in team-building exercises like white-water rafting.

White-water rafting? That's a bit old hat, isn't it? And does it fool anyone? The great Felix Dennis once said that team spirit is for losers. It's the glue that binds the losers together.

White-water rafting is all about brainwashing gullible people into being your slaves. I say no to this. I believe in the mystical way. The money way. Mystical capitalism is all about drawing money to you, becoming free, being your own master, adventures on the astral plane, dancing and chanting beneath the moon, expanding your consciousness. Down with slavery! Down with white-water rafting! Only the devil is interested in such nonsense. Derange yourself! Be free.