Monday, 21 January 2008

Dow Jones Dharma Indexes

Absolutely fantastic news! Dow Jones Indexes and Dharma Investments are working together and have set up the Dow Jones Dharma Indexes. We all know that dharma is the eternal law of the cosmos. The companies that abide by this law are going to be monitored now by the Dow Jones Dharma Indexes! How brilliant is that?

There is no stopping mystical capitalism. It can only be a matter of time before all the companies in the world have to obey the eternal law of the cosmos. Don't laugh. It will happen - one day. Ganesh is on board. Pan is on board. Big Herb is rocking at the moment. Business people the world over need to realize that there is no escaping the universe and its laws. We are the cosmos. We are the people. That sounds obvious, but most business nuts still don't acknowledge the fact. Their focus is all money, money, money. But there is something else. There is the lonely ghost in the hallway at midnight. There is the alchemist making his gold. There is the deranged mystic howling at the moon. All this is beyond money, and yet - in a way - it is money. Money is everywhere. Money is in your soul. Money is in the hoot of the owl. Money is in the crimson cloud hovering over the hermit's cave. We all know this. Look into your heart. Do you know it? Do you know it for real? Yes, you do. YES! YES! YES!