Thursday, 24 January 2008

Richelieu accepts offer from KBC

The French asset management group Richelieu is going to be bought by the Belgian bank KBC. This is brilliant news. Drinks all round!

I'm afraid I don't know anything about Richelieu, but I presume the group was founded by Dennis Wheatley's hero the Duc de Richelieu. As you may recall, dear reader, in The Devil Rides Out the Duc de Richelieu was concerned with getting his hands on the Talisman of Set, which actually turned out to be a penis. At the end of the book he throws this 'talisman' on to a fire to prevent the four horsemen of the apocalypse showing up and making a scene.

So, how did the Duc de Richelieu get into finance? Well, how does any shaman, mystic, ghostbuster, soothsayer, sage or god get into it? Obviously, he realized the truth that money is spiritual. Money puts power in your soul. The Duc de Richelieu was before his time, and KBC can be very proud to associate itself with him.