Monday, 21 January 2008

Steve Delo and the great Pan

Steve Delo has been appointed chief executive of Pan Group's new governance partnership. I wish him all the best.

I don't really know too much about Pan Group's new governance partnership, but we all know that Pan is the god of nature and the universe. This can only be a good thing. What I mean is, I presume Steve will now be responsible for bringing all the different gods together and making sure that they are all moving in the same direction. We need this. Only last month I had to intervene in an argument between Ganesh and Big Herb. But I haven't got the time for it. David Pitt hasn't got the time for it. We're busy men. I actually tried to contact Pan, but I couldn't reach him on the astral plane. Well, at least he has got off his arse now and decided to sort the gods out and get this partnership going. Steve Delo is a decent man. Pan made the right choice.

Will it work though? It will have to work. There is so much chaos in the universe. Your average joe in the street likes to imagine the universe is neat and tidy. If only that were true. Frankly, it's a fucking mess. Too many gods are working in the same areas, and it just leads to confusion and conflict. We can't have this - not with so much money involved. The chief executives of the big investment banks will not want to touch mystical capitalism with a bargepole if they feel the whole thing is being run like a circus. That's a fact. Hard-headed business people always look at the bottom line. Mr Delo will have to convince the banks that the gods are just as money hungry as any City of London or Wall Street trader. But don't worry, he'll do it.