Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Andy Green impresses analysts at City cocktail party

Andy Green, the new chief executive of IT services company LogicaCMG, apparently impressed a lot of analysts at a cocktail party in the City of London on Monday evening. Well, that's not very difficult, is it? They were probably all drunk.

I wish I had gone now. Yes, I was invited to the party but had other business at the Big Herb temple in Leadenhall Street. Maybe I'm being too harsh. The party could have been a very sober affair. I'm just thinking of what happened the last couple of times I went to meetings or parties for shamans and mystics. There was the annual meeting of the Financial Shamans and Money Mystics Association of Great Britain, which nearly turned into a riot. I will not be attending that event again. Also, there was that ceremony/party last Halloween. I'm afraid I let myself down and allowed David Pitt to ply me with whiskies all night. But I'm glad to say I am completely teetotal now. It's very difficult to come across as all mystical when you're half-cut - and I need to set an example. I will set an example. NO MORE BOOZE!