Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Matt Ridley and Northern 2

I am pleased to announce that Matt Ridley is looking for capital for the Northern 2 venture capital trust he chairs. As you may know, he used to be the chairman of Northern Rock, but he had a bit of trouble. Mr Ridley is hoping that venture capital investors will not be concerned about the Northern Rock debacle.

Well, let's forgive and forget - that's what I say. It's nice to see someone with a positive attitude. Matt is obviously a man who does not let bad events in the past bother him, and he is probably not worried about the credit crisis either. More power to his elbow! That's what I say. We need men of vision like him. I would not be at all surprised if his chakras were extremely well balanced and functioning in a normal manner. Or even more than normal - supernormal! Could this be the case? I think it might. I have taken the liberty of chanting his name all morning and I have discovered something that is truly amazing. His name gives out the most wondrous vibrations. Try it for yourself if you don't believe me. Matt Ridley, Matt Ridley, Matt Ridley. If you can bang a small drum while you're doing it, so much the better. I'm sure Matt won't mind, but I would not advise using a big drum. Potential problems with the neighbours and all that. However, if you live in a cave, go for it!

I hope you are chanting now. What would Matt think if he knew that people all over the world were chanting his name, banging drums (small drums), and releasing mad mystic vibes into the cosmos? I'm sure he would be extremely pleased. I believe Matt wants a joyous union with the universe, and he wants us to share it. He is a great man.