Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Art is either plagiarism or revolution

"Legal & General shares up 2.9 per cent to a 12-month high of ..." That was the original title of this post, continuing with the first paragraph -

[... of ... of ... does it matter? Zurich is considering a bid for Legal & General, but does it matter? The shares are so high, but I am feeling so low. So I have no desire to discuss insurance companies. Even if I were a happy soul, I wouldn't want to discuss insurance. I am so depressed today. Trying to squeeze poetry out of insurance? I'm on a hiding to nothing. I know that. To hell with Legal & General!]

Then I started to write this -

[Art is either plagiarism or revolution - Marcel Duchamp (or Paul Gauguin)

That's something I can write about. Why are so many artists (writers) living in the past? How many more novels, plays, and poems do we really need? Isn't it time for something new?

But this is not the place. Notes is the place. But I am here, in this post.

Sometimes words make me sick. Ideas make me sick. Do you ever get that sickness in your head, dear reader?

My last post was a disaster. But I will not delete it. Let it stay there as a warning to myself, and to others - who may follow me in years to come.]

I finished off with this -

[Sometimes I feel like Christopher Columbus. I don't know if I'm going to discover a new world or fall completely off the edge of the old one.]