Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Guido Giammattei used to be a portfolio manager at Rexiter Capital Management

Now he works at RBC Global Asset Management as a portfolio manager. He has been added to RBC’s emerging markets equity team.

I wonder how Guido Giammattei feels about this. How must it feel to be taken away from the firm of your dreams and added to a team somewhere else? Imagine, dear reader, if they came for you in the night. Imagine they hurt you. Imagine being locked in the boot of the car. Are RBC Global Asset Management interested in you, anyway? Who knows, or cares? They might be. Maybe RBC will put you to work in the kitchen, making sandwiches. We have no idea what Mr Giammattei's duties are. 'Portfolio manager' could mean anything. It probably doesn't mean the same thing it meant at Rexiter. But I wouldn't know, would I?

Well, moving on. It is raining, and my internet connection is fucked. It's my fault, I suppose, for relying on one of those mobile dongle things. Why do they have to be called dongles? They sound obscene. All because it's raining a little bit. And not just outside. It's raining in my heart as well. Will this post ever make it to my blog? Who knows, or cares?

This is going to be a disaster. I know it. I'm not even going to pretend that this post will add any value to my blog. I can't work under these conditions!

I want to post this now, but I can't. I'll have to wait until it stops raining, or until someone at Vodafone pulls their finger out.

I might put some Leonard Cohen on while I'm waiting. That should make me feel better, eh? Yeah, Songs of Love and Hate. 'It is your flesh that I wear.' Marvellous!

Oh, I had forgotten about Dress Rehearsal Rag. 'Why don't you try unwrapping a stainless steel razor blade? That's right, it's come to this. Yes, it's come to this. And wasn't it a long way down? Wasn't it a strange way down?' Wonderful! Thanks, Lenny, you c**t!

Oh, a signal! This looks promising.