Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Was Francois Barthelemy being bullied by F&C Asset Management?

Or was he living in a world of dreams? That is the question. To the best of my knowledge he is not a whirling dervish. [Remember Gill?] No, he is a normal man. But normal men have been known to get confused. So have abnormal men.

But maybe we shouldn't worry about Mr Barthelemy. It's possible those F&C nutjobs were just doing what they thought was best for the business. It will all come out in the wash, or in court. I want to hear what Anthony Culligan has to say for himself. Maybe he was tied up and put in the broom cupboard. Will we ever know the truth?

Is bullying such a bad thing? I have seen neophyte shamans bullied in the desert by ghosts. It is never pleasant, but perhaps it is necessary. Some of the young ones are too scared to touch the sky. You have to force them. Some of the shamans will not let the fire burn within them. These feeble characters should really become money mystics instead. We can't all be financial shamans, just as we can't all be fund managers. A good man - or woman - always knows his limitations. Or hers. I'm not getting into transsexuals, you will be pleased to hear.

Or maybe you won't be pleased. I have a rough idea of the sort of people who read this blog, but I should imagine quite a large number of you are 'different'. But don't be ashamed. No one is going to bully you, not here in cyberspace, which is nothing like your inner space when it is connected. There you will be bullied by astral demons and astral sadists and all sorts. So be careful what you wish for. Good luck, and sweet dreams. I reckon Anthony can relate to this shit. He knows where I'm coming from, surely?

It would be nice if Anthony could say a few words. Wouldn't that be nice?

I was not tied up and put in the broom cupboard. Although I often asked them to do it, do it, do it to me! They refused to comply with my deepest wishes. This left me feeling extremely bitter, so - unlike Francois - I did float off into a world of dreams. I wanted to forget - everything! The limited liability partnership? Oh, I did not care any more! It was so much rubbish to me. I just wanted to lay my weary head in the sand. Oblivion became my friend, my only friend.

Oblivion? I presume Anthony is referring to Mr Oblivion Smith. A very good friend of mine also. What a small world we live in, eh?