Monday, 9 August 2010

Jesse Redmond and Justin Pawl: from an objective perspective to the wildness of astral fire

Cold men and women like to believe that the founders of Evolved Alpha are rational beings who always look at every financial situation from an objective perspective. And Jesse Redmond and Justin Pawl claim that to be the case themselves. Have a conversation with these charming fellows and there will be no mention of the wild astral fire that rages within them, distorting everything, making them see reality as a shattered window with coloured lights bouncing off the glass in all directions, leading them into utter confusion, the sort of confusion only a shaman can deal with. Alas, Jesse and Justin are not shamans, and they are far too proud to ask for my help. So they drift through life, one minute speaking of a multi-phase investment process; the next minute, a portfolio of liquid, secure and transparent alpha-return strategies. It is all emptiness, and they know it. They will not make any progress until they are able to confront the fire within. Come to terms with the fire, as it were.