Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Isabelle Tykoczinski to Kinetic Partners!

Just like Christian Szylar before her! Isabelle Tykoczinski has gone to work at Kinetic Partners, and now I’m feeling all deranged again. My mouth is dry. My hair is buzzing with electricity. My teeth -

O Master, why does Kinetic Partners have this effect on you?

O my child, I have no idea. Remember the last time? I nearly lost my mind.

But we ended up in some weird orgasmic state. It wasn't that bad, really.

This craziness we have, is given to us by the gods. They don't want 'normality'. This is what they want. Kinetic Partners is the trigger. Pull the trigger. And a bullet of reality smashes into my head!

O Master, a bullet smashes into my head!

You don't have a fucking head! This is my moment. Why must you spoil everything for me? If I can have this derangement for myself and change my consciousness, in this moment, or another moment coming like a speeding bullet, then I might, just might, be able to get a glimpse of the ultimate reality, which is what we want.

We? Are we in this together then? I thought you were going it alone. Unless -

Unless we are -

No! It's not possible!

But why Isabelle Tykoczinski? Why must it be her? Christian Szylar I could deal with, but -

She's a woman! We have to be careful.

[I am stopping this here. I refuse to continue with it. Something's not right. It's a trick. A little game. Ha! Let the money gods punish me! What do I care? I WILL NOT BE USED LIKE THIS! I am not a plaything!]