Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Barclays fined $298 million over sanctions breach

Apparently, Barclays allowed financial transactions to take place between nations that were under sanction by the United States.

So what? We've all got to earn a living. And America doesn't own the world, does it? What business does it have telling a British bank which countries it can work with?

But the transactions touched the US banking system, O Master.

I don't care. When are the US authorities going to go after Jack Pickles? He doesn't just break sanctions. He murders, he kidnaps, he extorts. Countless lives have been ruined by this evil monster. Yet he has a penthouse apartment in New York. And I'm sure the FBI knows where he lives in the Cayman Islands.

O Master, they are waiting for you do something.

Well, that's not my job.

But you keep saying you will deal with Jack. I suspect it's because he's an old friend, the best friend you ever had. It's like Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid all over again.