Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Robert Adair ain't made of money

People askin' me, is I gon' give my chain back. That'll be the same day I give the game back - Kanye West

Robert Adair ain't made of money. Though some people think he is. Advantage Capital can whistle for millions. Ha, ha, ha! Oh, Big Herb is a god made of money, with swirling astral sand in his balls. We watch pound notes and dollar bills come out, the wild orgasmic fun like fire from the desert sun! With a little tune: 'Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. He is peeling down the alley in a black and yellow Ford.' Oh, he ain't got a car. He got a chariot! No matter. He is our lord of money, in the sky, out of the sky, and in our hearts too. He travels everywhere for free. It's a total freedom. A total heaven. And no one would sue. They wouldn't dream. They are incapable of dreaming. And he wouldn't let anyone sue him. He would remain so high above the courts, no matter how much money the animals wanted. He is a law unto himself. Understand and believe that. Oh, Robert Adair needs to learn a trick or two. Come to the desert, Robert. Leave the City behind! We ain't got no civilization, just more money than sense. We are outside the law with our lord. And we are honest, after a fashion.

Robert Adair ain't made of money. Not everyone believes that. Advantage Capital can whistle for billions. It ain't getting a penny. Our Ganesh is the big elephant god who's made of money. Our favourite Hindu god with a trunk that's out of sight. No one's ever asked me, what's he doing in the desert? Well, everything's jumbled up in my crazy head. It will only get clear once I've gone off to the other realm forever, a new money god wrapped in gold, plastered sticky with cash. I will be made of money and my love will taste like honey. It's gonna happen. I have faith, you see. Faith! I believe in the life to come. I wouldn't be doing this otherwise. There is a way to escape, and there is a place to escape to. For all of us. We won't have to explain ourselves no more. We're reaching for a total freedom. Few people have ever known it. It exists beyond reason, beyond the cold world. We are coming to a greater reality. Oh, here we come! There we go! Off, off, off, gone from this cold world!

We are still here. What a fantasy! We should be patient. It will take time.