Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Terry Smith of Tullett Prebon flame would not surprise us if he resumed talking at some point

There will be no nothings. Not today. Flush out my thoughts, impure brains, and then fill me with fire. With Terry Smith we have known silence in the desert. An open mouth with sand pouring out. But Tullett Prebon could attract another bid now. It would not surprise us even though pre-tax profits are down 13.5 per cent to £79.3 million. And that is not nothing. That is something worthy of words. Terry Smith will speak, and it will not surprise us, but you will not hear his voice, not here.

I would not be amazed, shocked, stunned, if a motivated team of ghosts dragged Terry from his bed one night. He would try to scream. They would gag him. They would cut off an owl's head and stuff it in his mouth. Then they would take him for a spin in the astral sky. Later, safely back in bed, he would wonder about that owl's head: Why decapitate an owl? Was there some significance in it? Or were they only trying to confuse me? The irrational makes us silent. Ghosts know that. Though it cannot keep Terry quiet for long.

Oh, you heard Terry Smith's possible future voice. Wonderings to himself. Old habits die hard. I do not have full control, not yet. So where do we go from here? Do a little dance? Make a little love? Get down tonight? NO!

This is much harder than I thought it would be.