Thursday, 5 August 2010

Philip Raygorodetsky flew to Black Diamond Capital Management!

With astral wings, high in the sky! The greatest true story of escape and adventure ever written in the blood of a tormented one. We are talking about the life of Philip Raygorodetsky. This concentrated man, like the best of us in our dreams of power, got away from GSC Group with howling demons hot on his trail. Now he is at Black Diamond Capital Management, working with Chris Boyle and Chris Parker. And those demons? They are nowhere to be seen. He is lucky to be half alive - or quarter alive, we cannot judge it - and tottering on the edge of reality, and conscious of the white flame of my consciousness. My gift to Philip.

How did it all start? Oh, years ago, Philip was wandering in the endless night of his youth. He should have been enjoying himself. Instead he was getting involved in equity and distressed debt at GSC. There were demons there. Howling ones. It makes all the difference. He may still be wrapped up (tightly) in the world of equity and distressed debt (controlled) at Black Diamond, but ... Black Diamond! How it makes me think of Baudelaire's black flag on a skull! But a black diamond in your eye! With a black flag on your skull! Just one eye! The other eye will be left as God intended ... but GSC was the home of demons, howling, as he soon discovered in the early days of great despair. That idea! Controlled! Can anything in our lives be controlled? How foolish I was to think I could control myself and my writing, but I am still going to try. There is no obscenity here. A reference to that most respectable of visionaries, Baudelaire, sure. But I did not bring Lautreamont into it, did I? Although I just have. Idiot!

O Master, get back to the greatest true story of escape and adventure ever written in the blood of a tormented one. How did he escape?

O my child, the question is: how did you come back to life? You were dead, you were gone, and I was so relieved to be free of you and all the other cretins.

O Master, you cannot kill the voices and the characters that live in your soul. We are you, you are us, and we are all together.

Go! Go! Go! Leave me! Oh, I need an exorcist! Let us concentrate on Philip Raygorodetsky. It will ease my mind. Philip tried many times to escape. Years went by. Then one day, quite recently, he heard the voice of Stephen Deckoff. It was Stephen that saved him. He followed the instructions given to him, flew to Black Diamond's office in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the rest is [nothing]. The demons were hot for him but could not make the whole wild trip.

Real strength is coming. I will have control. And more concentration!