Thursday, 19 August 2010

The York Lion Merger Arbitrage Liquidity Fund UI

This is a new fund, brought to you by York Asset Management and Universal Investment. It is a Ucits III compliant fund, and 'the fund will invest in listed shares on global stock markets. It will also target announced mergers and acquisitions as well as other corporate events through purchases of equities and bonds in established and emerging markets.'

[Nick Walker, crawling in blood, stone steps, outside a temple, not his blood, that's a relief, he seems happy, exhilarated even, something has happened, it has to be more than the launch of the fund, a voice now, saying his name, Nick Walker, Nick Walker, he turns over on to his back, the sun almost blinds him, Nick Walker, Nick Walker, it seems to be coming from the sky, from one of the clouds, there are a few fluffy clouds floating around, pure white, Nick Walker, Nick Walker, this is bizarre, it may be one of the dead financiers, but I cannot see, and Nick cannot see, ignore it, just ignore it, Nick takes my advice, he can hear me, I am there, here, this is amazing, but I am not in a cloud, he turns back on to his stomach and continues to make his way up the steps, oh, I'm following him, and the voice has gone, Nick is still there, making his way, he reaches the entrance, a wooden door, he is exhausted, he cannot stand, but he gets on to his knees, there is blood all over the steps, not his blood, thank God for that, I hope it's not my blood, he bangs on the door with his fist, he wants to enter, that's understandable after all the effort he has made, I am seeing this, but not with my eyes, but I am there, here, this has nothing to do with the York Lion Merger Arbitrage Liquidity Fund UI, which will please a lot of people because no one wants this, even if it turns out to be a positive thing, no one wants this sort of disturbance, the door opens, no one at the door, but the door is open, Nick is smiling, I have never seen him this happy, I can't imagine what awaits him in the temple, but Nick must know, he moves forward on his knees, through the door, a great achievement, but he slams the door shut, oh, he has gone, this is disappointing, a bit rude, it seems I am not invited, which means, dear reader, I will have to leave it here.]