Friday, 6 August 2010

Boudewijn Jansen and Sarah Newman: originators!

Boudewijn Jansen and Sarah Newman are joining Barclays Wealth as originators. They will search for investment opportunities. Boudewijn will become a confused head of private equity origination. Sarah will become a mad head of hedge fund origination. I can see it now - rolling, rolling, rolling! In desert sands, they will search forever, but what will they find?

There are other opportunities besides investment ones. We know that. They do not. It may be their destiny to roll in desert sands, but they will always be oblivious to the burning money around them. I have known this with many heads. And they will never see the ghosts of the dead financiers. What opportunities for advancement! But they will never see. Mindless heads rolling, they shall be.

They could take the burning money into their mouths. They will not. They could take the dead financiers into their hearts. They will not. What hope is there for Barclays Wealth with originators such as these?

Whatever happened to Tiraneh Tehranchian?