Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Diamond Dragon Advisors to be let loose!

Oh, this is scary! Not that I fully understand what the plan is. The company is all set up, ready to go and that. But we need clarification. Either Ed Greene intends to let loose a herd of diamond dragons that will be intent on advising everybody about funds and shit, or he is putting a team of advisers together whose job it will be to advise these mythical diamond dragons. Actually, they're not mythical. As you know, anything is possible on the astral plane, which is where I presume Mr Greene has based his operation. Let's hear no talk of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Sydney. This is going to be an astral affair. It's got to be, what with diamond dragons and all.

This is absolutely terrifying! The more I think of it. Does Mr Greene have no sense of responsibility whatsoever? Even on our beloved plane there's going to be a problem with these two scenarios.

The first scenario: a herd of diamond dragons advising everybody

I can't think of anything worse, myself. Remember my story about the astral panthers? They were going to be prowling around the City of London, biting lumps out of people. You all thought I was crazy at the time. Thankfully, my worst fears were never realized. The FSA pulled back from the brink at the last moment. Dragons, though. Dragons can fly, can't they? It's all well and good saying that they will be restricted to the astral sky, but couldn't they break through to the physical sky? Who would bet against it? There was a time when many of us in the shamanism game thought that Jack Pickles would have to reside permanently on the lower levels of the plane after turning his back on all that was good and holy. But where does he spend most of his time now? He's living it up in the fucking Cayman Islands! He's probably shagging Naomi Campbell as I write this. The point I'm making is, these diamond dragons will find a way into the cold physical world; and they will be doing a damn sight more than advising. I mean, they're dragons! What do you think is going to happen? And they breathe fire. It's a fucking crazy idea!

The second scenario: a team of advisers advising the diamond dragons

They are going to die. Simple as that. They are going to die. I don't know what bullshit Ed Greene is going to lay on everyone to try and justify this nonsense, but if he hires a load of wet-behind-the-ears advisers to approach a herd of diamond dragons, there is going to be fucking murders. There's not much else I can say. Just this: I bet Mr Greene won't be going anywhere near the dragons himself. You mark my words, he'll be sipping cocktails and watching the carnage from his penthouse apartment. Bastard.