Monday, 9 August 2010

Baring Asset Management has appointed Wayne Shum to the new role of head of institutional business for Asia

Y'all don't know my struggle, y'all can't match my hustle, you can't catch my hustle, you can't fathom my love dude - Kanye West

Oh, not another head! Hong Kong head! All these heads rolling around in my subconscious, staring at me with dull eyes, expecting me to help them. I am not happy to see Wayne Shum. Gerry Ng is, but I am not. Nothing personal, Wayne, mate, but I have more heads than I know what to do with.

How am I ever going to be able to concentrate on business with so many heads in my head? Oh, yes, I'm back to my idea of a twenty-four hour (eight?) news service. Ha! How long will this latest fantasy last? And there is no chance of control now. All my grand plans - flush them down the toilet! Chaos is back! And it will be with me forever.